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Delivery around the clock. Modern services are in demand in offline and online retail.

In times of digitalization, online and retailer, but also parcel service provider are looking for new solutions to support their customers flexibly and individually. Deliveries must be able to be delivered to customers quickly and without problems - and at best around the clock. We have developed a model that provides relief and security for precisely these groups.

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Online retailer

Online retail is growing fast. That's why online retailers are constantly looking for new ways to optimize services. With our MYLOCKER24 service box, you can reliably send your products to your end customers 24/7. The desired delivery location in the online store is selected individually and flexibly during the order process.

Challenges & Solutions

Online retailing is characterized by the greatest possible independence and flexibility for the customer. The delivery of goods, on the other hand, poses major challenges not only for the parcel service providers but also for the customers.

MYLOCKER24 service box ensures you and your customers the best service and hassle-free delivery. Orders can be picked up at any time and a return shipment can always be dropped off. The service box can also be specified as a location for a second delivery, should the parcel carrier not meet your customers at the first delivery. Click & Collect or Same Day Delivery is also possible with the MYLOCKER24 service box.


Contrary to popular belief, retailers also benefit from the MYLOCKER24 service box, as you can reliably deposit your products at a location requested by the customer. With MYLOCKER24, your goods can also be dropped off or picked up by the customer outside of opening hours, i.e. 24/7. Completely individual and flexible for you and your customers. Services such as Same Day Delivery and Click & Collect are also possible with our service box.


Challenges & Solutions

Increasing online retailing is one of the biggest challenges facing retailers in city centers. Innovative ideas and solutions are needed to survive in this market. Going shopping in the store, but wanting to pick up the goods on a different day and at a different location?

The sale of the goods can be flexibly arranged by selecting the MYLOCKER24 service box desired by the customer for collection.

MYLOCKER24 service box ensures you and your customers the best service and hassle-free delivery. Orders can be placed and picked up regardless of time and place.

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parcel service provider are looking for

The sharp rise in online retailing is not only having an impact on retailers, but also on parcel service providers in particular.

With the MYLOCKER24 service box you can reliably deposit your packages for your customers. Your goods can be deposited by you outside of opening hours, i.e. 24/7, and returned flexibly by your customers if required. The service box is just as suitable for a first delivery as it is for a second delivery. You can also rent a compartment allotment and thus make the box a permanent contact point for your employees.

Challenges & Solutions

Personal delivery to the customer's front door is not only a challenge due to the increasing number of parcels, but is also made more difficult by the fact that another attempt must be scheduled in the event of an unsuccessful delivery. In other cases, the parcel must be dropped off at a parcel store or at a neighbor's house. These circumstances extend the delivery time of the employee and have a negative impact on time and costs.

The MYLOCKER24 service box ensures the best service for you and your customers and provides fast and effective delivery of goods around the clock - for a first or even second delivery. This simplifies and accelerates delivery processes and makes your customers and recipients more satisfied.

Location owner

Location owners of gas stations, supermarkets and many more can benefit from the MYLOCKER24 service box. You have enough space and want to use the space effectively? With our service box, customers can pick up or drop off their packages or lock up valuables at your location around the clock. At the same time, your location becomes an attractive hub that attracts potential customers or your regular customers and thus offers you added value.

With the provision of your site, you will receive a site rental. You do not need any staff, only a power connection.


Challenges & Solutions

Site owners need to cover their running costs and are therefore always striving to use their site economically. With the MYLOCKER24 service box you can offer another service at your site and strengthen the attractiveness of your location. We take care of the installation as well as the maintenance of the locker. Your customers can use this locker to deposit packages or valuables or have them delivered around the clock, turning your location into a busy and popular hub. You receive a site rental fee and can also use the side and front screen to advertise your location.

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