Simple. Progressive. Safe

Secure and flexible deposit of your valuables. Already possible today with our security concept of tomorrow.

Especially in places with increased security standards such as stadiums and arenas, but also exhibition centers and airports,
where, among other things, bags are not allowed, offers the MYLOCKER24 safety box
an ideal and attractive option, Wertsachen und andere persönliche Gegenstände zu hinterlegen.
Visitors have access to the security compartments at any time and can store and collect their valuables. Digital operation is simple and intuitive, and thanks to different compartment sizes, every need is covered.




Pick-up - day and night. Free and flexible. Without stress. For satisfied customers.

Robust and safe

The MYLOCKER24 service box offers a long-tested and proven security concept for public spaces. This means that their deliveries are always safely protected.

Items in all sizes

Simply book the right locker online via smartphone or computer. For valuables and goods of any size.

Lockers for

Deposit company items or documents in the office easier than ever. With a MYLOCKER24 safety box in the company. For happy employees.

Weather resistant in any position

MYLOCKER24 safety box is designed and suitable for all indoor and outdoor areas. No matter whether snow, rain or heat - the Safetybox withstands any weather


The MYLOCKER24 safety box is more than just a locker. It is also a new, attractive and modern advertising platform, around the clock. Foilings and screens for videos - on the front as well as on the sides.



Find a safety box near you and deposit your belongings in a compartment of appropriate size.

Once you have placed your personal belongings, close the compartment.

Pay at the terminal or online (via the booking portal) for the desired period. The receipt of the payment will be displayed via the QR code.

If the goods have been deposited, customers automatically receive a message on their smartphone with the PIN for collection.

When picking up your valuables, simply scan the code via smartphone and enter the corresponding PIN.

If the PIN is entered successfully, the compartment opens and the items can be removed.


possible uses

Our service box can be placed in an almost infinite number of busy and easily accessible locations.

Residential areas

Shopping miles

Gas stations


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